Who What Why

Let’s start this off with the usual formalities before we get into the real-life nitty-gritty on why we are all here, here in the since of mentally reading this blog..

My name is Gemma, I am twentyfive years old and 9 weeks ago today I found out some news that will and already has changed my life forever. Pretty big huh. I’m not suffering from an incurable disease, I didn’t lose a friend or a family member to a brighter light, I unfortunately did not win the lottery (positive vibes though), no, none of that. I took a pregnancy test, then another just to, I don’t know actually, freak myself out a little more? Excite me? More like confirm I guess, that there were in fact two little red lines.

This is not a tutti-fruitti diary on how blessed I am to finally have my life’s long dream come true, nor is this an emo, poor-me way of expressing my feelings. I’ve decided to create this blog to detail my own personal journey and hopefully help simplify others in the future.

One thing I’ve come to see over the last 9 weeks is that there is no step-by-bloody-step how-to pregnancy guide. There are apps, websites and other blogs that detail the medical side of pregnancy but where are the “Fuck, this stick says I’m pregnant, now what?!” guides? The”How to mentally prepare for termination counselling” guides? The “So you’ve decided to raise the poor child, here’s your next step”guides.

It’s like I missed a whole lesson in life. Some magical lesson that every female goes through that details how you navigate your way through 9 months of baking a potato inside your belly.

As I am a kiwi (not the fruit kind) this blog will predominantly be focused on the New Zealand rules, legislations, instructions? Whatever. On how we do things.

My aim to is help young surprise-mums-to-be like myself, figure out what the fuck we are doing before we become 100% responsible for  another living human being. Also to vent a little, probably cry a bit too but we’ll see as we go along.

Peace and positive vibes ✌🏻